What size monitor should i get

i got desk space to pretty much go up to 24 inch widescreen

my concern is view..my eyes arent perfect right now i will be taking care of that some day but i need something that wont strain my eyes much

its a new desk just put it together tonight..right now on it is my 19 inch dell monitor flat lcd non-wide screen..i want something a little bigger but if i could go with like 22 inches and it be actually bigger plus no strain ill go for that i was looking up to 24 inches

the monitors sits about 2 feet away from me maybe a little over...what size do you recommend
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  1. If you are looking for a 1920 x 1080 monitor, then going from a 19" to 22" may result in a bit of eye strain. I think you are better buying a 24" 1920 x 1080 or 1920 x 1200 monitor.

    You can always go into Best Buy and look at the monitors.
  2. by bigger did you mean:
    A) larger screen area, same resolution
    B) more desktop real estate, ie pixels x pixels

    if A,
    buying a 22" will make everything seem bigger. also noting your proximity to the screen this won't be as overpowering as a 24".

    if B,
    buying a 24" with a slighty greater pixel x pixel resolution will give you more screen real estate but keep text and icons about the same size that they are now. a 24" might seem overpowering for a little bit.

    as long as you dont set your screen fonts too small or your brightness too high either choice will work fine. keep in mind that you can always bump up font sizes on screen through control panel. having ambient light will help with eye strain as well.
  3. Honestly, I wouldn't get a large monitor. I'd get a CRT Monitor. The refresh rate is much more manageable, and it's really smooth. LCD's won't go beyond 75HZ, especially the one's you'll be looking to purchase. All considering the headache factor.
  4. khubani said:
    Honestly, I wouldn't get a large monitor. I'd get a CRT Monitor. The refresh rate is much more manageable, and it's really smooth. LCD's won't go beyond 75HZ, especially the one's you'll be looking to purchase. All considering the headache factor.

    Even low refresh rate LCDs don't have the headache factor, as you put it. On CRTs, the headache and eye strain comes from the fact that the entire screen flickers. On LCDs however, the screen doesn't flicker. Instead, it stays on the entire time, and simply changes every time a new frame is sent. As a result, a 60Hz LCD doesn't have the eyestrain and headache problems that a 60Hz CRT does.
  5. CRT's can go up to 120Hz
  6. What do you do with your pc? games, business, or just everyday use?
  7. i wound up getting the asus vh236h..this is my first wide screen monitor im coming from a standard dell flat lcd non widescreen

    color settings arent the issue for me cause i seem to have that ok or i can mess with that

    my problem is running at native resolution everything is way to small for me i cant see anything

    ive tried messing with windows font sizes and dpi settings some things get better some stay the same others get worse from being to big

    not sure what to do and whats the best settings basically i get certain things large enough like the taskbar clock but then the text looks faded and thin

    when i try to go to another resolution size wise things seem better but then everything is squashed stretched and blured/faded looking

    i desperately need help dont know to much about this stuff
  8. text is too small on a 1920x1080 23 inch screen?
    what resolution were you running on your old 19 inch?

    if you are using windows 7 you can bump up the gui size from normal to large. this would help with all text sizes. the text appears thicker at smaller resolutions due to the effect of anti-aliasing. you should be able to change some of the text fonts if you wish to have thicker text. if you are using windows xp you can manually change things as well.

    you dont want to change resolutions as lcd screens should always be ran at their native resolutions.

    some icons might appear to be not as detailed or slightly blurry when you enlarge your gui. these icons are meant to be viewed at 1:1 so distortion when viewing at a larger size is normal.
  9. on my 19 inch im running 1152x864

    im running windows xp and i tried all dpi settings and various font settings things just look weird after messing with that

    i just dont see how its possible that anyone can see the small text that im seeing on it at native my eyes are bad but i dont think there that bad

    the main problem i see with it is not being able to go to anythign but the native the strecth and blur on other resolutions are just as unbearable as the small text on native

    is it possible that its my video card causing the issue its RADEON X600 256MB HyperMemory the new monitor is going to be used the pc im going to be building but right now its hooked up to my almost 5 year old dell e510

    so is it possible for the video card to be causing this problem or unlikely?
  10. khubani said:
    CRT's can go up to 120Hz

    It doesn't matter. As I said, eyestrain on LCDs has nothing to do with refresh rate.
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