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Hey Guys,

Anyone have an opinion on the new samsung syncmaster 2770HD? Saw it in the store today, image looks pretty good.

I don't mind poor viewing angles because I will be sitting in front of it. What I really need is good whites and greys.

I want a monitor with good response time for gaming, but something that won't wash out whites and darks... I'm starting to think I may have to settle for a IPS or other, I bought the 25.5" Asus monitor and the whites sucked. No matter how I adjusted the picture the whites would was out, unless I turned the brightness down so far I couldn't read print on the screen. I had to return that one.

I'm afraid the 2770HD will be washed out too, but I am hoping that maybe by some glimmer of hope this new model won't be as washed out as other TN panels I have seen.

I am open to recommendations, but really don't want to spend over 400$. I would prefer to spend 300$. I would also like something 24" or larger, and I know thats asking alot for the price range. I am starting to think I may be happiest with something 22" with a really clean picture.

Any suggestions? Thanks.
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  1. I bought it yesterday and I have to say it's really awesome, I connected my cable tv, the xbox 360 and my computer and works everything great the only not so great part is the audio witch isn't really powerfull although it still simulates 5.1 stereo sound.

    I was afraid of the viewing angle aswell but actually it isn't bad at all.
  2. I bought this a few hours ago and I can see that this supports to a max resolution of 1920x1080 where as my mac book pro can go upto 2560x1600. As a result I see text and windows not as clear as I want them to be. Well, I am comparing that to that of a Mac Display in the store which has 2560x1440 resolution .. :)
    If you are really serious about having the best picture - then I would rather buy a monitor with the resolution support for 2560xXXXX.
    I am still tinkering with this at the moment.. If I can't tune anything within Mac to smoothen the fonts , I might return this. -- SEE MY UPDATED POST BELOW --
  3. Here is more on P2770HD monitor.
    I started setting up the monitor with my macbookPro using the Mini Displayport to VGA adapter and was having problems with getting the display to my satisfaction. (Display was getting cut off or it was displaying beyond the monitor borders).

    I went to Bestbuy yesterday and bought
    1) Dynex Mini DisplayPort to DVI cable - $20/-
    There is one made/Sold by Apple for $30/-, I didn't think it would make too much difference for a passive device - so I went for the Dynex less expensive one.
    2) Dynex DVI-D Digital Video Cable - $22/-
    Since the monitor as all kinds of ports you can imagine (HDMI, DVI, VGA, Component ) I took DVI to DVI cable as opposed to DVI to HDMI (which might also work fine)

    (Total = $42 + tax)

    I made the connection using the above adapter and cable from my macbook Pro to the monitor, and viola... the display is fantastic !!
    The text appears smooth and many functions on the monitor came alive! Certainly use the remote that comes with this monitor to adjust the settings instead of the onboard buttons which is cumbersome to use.

    Now I can fit more windows of open applications on this monitor with clear and crisp display!
    However, keep in mind that this does not beat the Apple display of the 27" iMac, but then you can't get that as only a monitor from Apple - you need buy the whole iMac. (a lot more than $390/- I paid for this monitor).
    I searched a 27" monitor that supports 2560x1600 resolution everywhere, but couldn't find any except one with DELL which costs more than $1,000/-.

    Other -
    - The sound quality was reported by others as not up to the mark. But I feel that it is really good. Of course it won't sound like a 100watt receiver, but the quality is pretty good- especially after you adjust the frequencies boost in the sound settings.
    - The monitor gives a slight "hum" noise , but only noticeable if your room is in pin-drop-silence.

    This Samsung is the best bang for the buck - one can not dispute that.

    I think I will keep this - as there is no other better 27" monitor choices out there at this price range and none giving the 2560x1600 pixel resolution in this size.
  4. Hi tkhw, your post was exactly what I was looking for. I have a quick question: a 27" monitor was a little bigger than I planned to buy. I thought about buying a Samsung 21". Is there any reason to expect that the performance on a 21" will be any different than you experienced with the 27" if I set it up the way you describe? I have a 13" macbookPro.

  5. HI Dani,

    I actually returned this samsung monitor eventually as it was not supporting the full resolution the Macbook graphics card is capable of.
    I bought Apple cinema 27"
    This supports 2560-by-1440 that the macbook pro graphics card is capable of.
    I can't be happier than this.
    This has good speakers and reduces couple of cables on my desk (network cable and power cable. NW Cable- because I use the CISCO USB 300M to one of the USB ports on the monitor.
    But this would cost about $1000/- but if you take it as a one time cost and think like me that you spend 8hrs a day on the computer so you are worth it, then you should go for it.
  6. <sigh> That makes me sad -- I guess I really knew that $300 was too good to be true. Thanks for sharing. At least I can learn from other's experiences...I really like Apple products but hoped that I could not spend quite so much money! Oh well, you're right.

    Take care!
  7. Lol this is an age old thread I was confused what was going on here.

    Anyway the P2770 H was big and beautiful, but for PC gaming this is what I found... It burns your eyes its so bright. If you turn the brightness down, you lose alot of black detail (AKA dark scenes in PC games etc), to the point where you can't see through fog / smoke / etc.

    I do not recommend this monitor for a gaming panel. For another thing as a personal opinion its almost TOO BIG. I sit close to my monitor, and for games where you need to view the whole screen at once its too big.

    I purchased a Dell U2311H after returning 3 monitors and I must say its the most beautiful monitor I have ever looked at, plenty fast, and a comfortable size for me. I might do the 27" Dell if I had the money to spend, and the vanity to match, because quite honestly its more than I need.
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