Need a monitor for gaming

This is the site im using, and the section for monitors.

Now i was thinking of a LED monitor, since the screens look so nice. :ouch: Anyway, i was looking at this monitor which has Contrast Ratio: 50,000,000:1 . Which will be really good? And its pretty cheap
The screen is smallish at 21.5 but im thinking of doing dual monitors in the future possible. So for real questions

1.Is this good for gaming?
2.Good price?
3.Should i go with LCD? Will i see a picture qulailty drop? :pfff:

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  1. I have read some bad reviews about AOC monitors. I would go with Samsung if anything.

    5 million to 1 "dynamic" contrast doesn't mean anything. Accurately speaking it isn't even a meansurement of contrast at all, it is just a large number they print on boxes.

    Static contrast is what you would want to look for. It is probably 1000:1 at best.

    I think you should definitely go with LCD. I mean what else can you possibly get?
    Unless you are refering to the term "LED" monitors. The LCD panel is the color filter, the backlight portion is LED or CCFL. So a LED or non-LED monitor is still an LCD monitor.

    LED backlighting saves power and runs a bit cooler but not any better for picture quality. A white LED is actually a blue LED with yellow phosphor to give the impression of white light. The spectral curve has big gaps in the green and red parts. White LEDs only have 68% NTSC color gamut.

    While CCFL backlighting at least have 72% color gamut and wide gamut CCFL backlighting can extend that up to 114%.

    There is RGB LED backlighting which is better than even the best CCFL backlighting but they run hot and makes the monitor thick. Also cost a few thousand dollars for a 24" model. Manufacturers like to make consumers think white LED is a huge advancement like RGB LED to give people a reason to upgrade their screens. Which is working pretty well right now since most consumers can't tell the difference and only know the term "LED" even though it is just a backlight and white LED is in fact a tiny bit worse for color.
  2. Ahh, thanks for explaing it all, would you suggest a monitor for me to use?
    I will be using it for mostly gaming, and some slight video editing
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