Need Gaming Monitor for New Sandy Bridge Rig - Under $300 pref. 24"

I'm trying to put the final pieces of the puzzle together for a new build I plan on creating in mid-January after the release of the new Sandy Bridge CPUs. My build will include a GTX 570 and probably the i2500-k. The purpose will be primarily for gaming. I am currently using a dell 20" monitor I bought back in 2005. I need some help selecting a new monitor in the 23-24" range, and have come up with some options (I'd like to spend < $300 US). I'd prefer to stay in 16:9 res given that most games are headed back to 1920x1080 native res anyhow.

Samsung BX 2450 -

Cons: Doesn't seem to have any ability to tilt the monitor

Then I saw some people suggest the Samsung XL2370 -

Seems like it might be worth the extra $50, but I'm not sure. Both have good response times and other metrics, but both are TN.

The Dell U2311H - - gets excellent reviews, and has IPS technology, but a weak 8ms response time.

I am also open to HP, Viewsonic, Acer, and Asus products, and if there is a value monitor that has good quality I'd love to go up to 27", although I'm not sure that's necessary/realistic. Any feedback here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much.

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  1. I also noticed the Asus 27 inch VE276Q for $269 on this an option worth considering over the others I mentioned above?
  2. Out of the ones listed, I'd take the Dell U2311.
  3. Of the monitors listed, I too would probably choose the Dell U2311, but it's a bit small for my taste.

    If you don't care about IPS or TN panels, then get the Asus VE276Q. But make your decision quick though since the coupon ends on 1/1/11.
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