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Hey everyone, I've been running a 1680x1050 monitor for awhile now and I wanna upgrade to either 1920x1080 or 1920x1200. Need an HDMI for my xbox and dvi for my pc which basically every monitor has. Just looking for a few recommendations before i go to best buy and look at all the monitors and then turn around and buy it online :P

Thanks all!

EDIT: after reading a post below, i posted a reply and decided to edit this too. My budget is 300$, less is good :)
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  1. We need to know your budget.. Not every monitor comes with a HDMI+DVI input option..
  2. Oh sorry, forgot to mention. budget is less than 300$
  3. Check out the Samsung XL2370.. It has a very sleek look along with LED backlighting and your preferred connectivity options..
  4. Hey there... did u have any luck finding the LED at 1920x1200? I found one in asia in that resolution at 24" !!! Their 27" is a whopping 2560x1440... basically the same thing as the Apple displays, but got PC's... looked awesome... USA is so slow to get these cool electronics, like TV's and phones as well.
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