Samsung t190 connecting dvi instead of analog

I have conected my monitor using the dvi cable but on startup the small dialog box flashing between digital and analog stops on analog and I get the "check signal cable" Analog box floating around my screen? How do I make it select digital??? Please help.
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  1. Hey hi there,
    I'm facing the same problem here.It's a Samsung EX1920X and the card is a Sapphire HD2600(borrowed from a friend till 15th Jan,my veteran xfx 7300GS fell during battle-I used the vga cable with this). This HD2600 comes with 2 DVI ports and the monitor came with a
    DVI-D(I checked the pin pattern) cable.

    Since this post is pretty old I hope you've already found a solution and would be grateful if you can share it with me.

    Thanks in Advance! :??:
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