I need help picking out a monitor

i know i recently asked the same question but conditions have changed.

i want a good sub $500 monitor (preferably $300) for gaming and photoshop that is at least 23" with a small bezel (i will order 3 of them and set them up side by side) and a 1080p or more resolution.

i think the dell U2311Hf would be a great choice but i'm not convinced it would be the best in its price range.

i do want adjustable hight and an ips panel ( in my budget i would most likely have to get an e-ips)

thanks in advanced. :kaola:
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  1. The Dell U2311h is the best in your range.
  2. Ok, thanks!
  3. i still like ips tech much more than tn, even if it is led back-lit. color is important to me; i don't professorially use Photoshop but I've used it since i was in late third grade, when cs3 was new.
  4. LED backlight doesn't really do anything. The high quality CCFLs used in the U2311H has a much wider color spectrum than white LEDs not to mention the U2311H is e-IPS.
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