PS3 to Monitor not working?

I have my PS3 connected to my Dell 1503FP Monitor via DVI-D 18pin to HDMI adapter.
I contacted Sony and Dell, we went threw some troubleshooting steps and couldnt find a resolution.

Everything turns on, but the screen is blank. The screen lights up to a black color and looks like it is trying to display something, but comes up blank.

Q1: Do I need a DVI-D Dual Link 24pin to make it work?
Q2: Any ideas or suggestions to making it work?

Dell 1503FP Monitor Specs:
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  1. That didnt really help me, but thanks for trying.
  2. from the post on arstechnica:

    "HDMI on the PS3 only supports 480p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p. There's no 480i support. No HDCP, no display - at all."

    quote from

    "1503fp 1024x768 dvi, hd15."


    a little google goes a long way. i'd suggest reading the first few results that pop up.
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