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I have Asus VW221D monitor, and in specs it say :
"Horizontal Frequency Bandwidth (H-Sync Rate) 30-82 Hz
Vertical Frequency Bandwidth (V-Sync Rate) 56-76 MHz"

MY OS is XP and monitor is detected only as "Plug and Play Monitor on GPU" , and when i go to change Refresh Rate if "Hide modes that this monitor canot display" box is checked i only have 60Hz. Oh and im on 1440x900 resolution.

So my question here is : Is it 60Hz because monitor is not detected/installed correctly or that is maximum refresh rate ?

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    60Hz is the refresh rate. A few monitors may allow you to go as high as 75Hz with some tweaking, but 60Hz is the industry standard.

    Of course "3D Ready" or 120Hz monitors will refresh at 120Hz.
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