Can I fix it? (LCD Monitor)

Hey guys, I have an Acer AL2223W I think 21' or 22' LCD monitor. I've had it for a bit over a year and I have this problem where I turn the monitor on, it works fine for about 1 second then goes black, but what I have figured out is that it actually does not go black but it goes very dim, when I look at a downward angle I can BARELY see my desktop background, however I can not see anything else because it is so dim.

I am using a backup 40'' LCD HDTV right now as my monitor. I know that this is a problem with the monitor I have tried 3 DVI cables and all of them the same, I also tried a couple different monitors to make sure my GPU was all right, and it is aswell. Therefore it must be the monitor.

Is there any possible way to fix this or do I have to purchase a new monitor?
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  3. Thank you for the Best Answer but I have to confess that I missed the part of your original post which mentions being able to see a very dim image.

    Though it might relate to power supply problem it more likely suggests illumination component failure (and probably best fixed professionally).
  4. It seems that it is something wrong with the backlight part , maybe there is something wrong with the inverter , or there is something wrong with the CCFL backlight.
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