Got a new monitor....found either a dead or stuck pixel

IS there anything I can do to fix this or am i SOL? It's red most of the time, does that mean it is a stuck pixel and not a dead pixel?
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  1. Either you have a stuck pixel or a dead sub-pixel. A pixel is made up of three sub-pixels; Red, Green, Blue (RGB).

    What color does the pixel display when you make that part of the screen green?
  2. You can try a program that cycles through colors very very fast. It might get the pixel unstuck.

    However that hasn't really worked for me.
    Some people say if you press the panel really hard, it could fix it. But that can also damage the screen.

    If it is new, I suggest getting a replacement.
  3. when the screen is green the pixel is black.

    hmm...looking at the asus return policy(asus vw246h monitor) if it has 3-5 dead pixels it is still considered to be good quality and i wouldn't be able to return it =/
  4. It seems you have a dead green sub-pixel.

    You can try Rofl_My_Waffle'ss suggestion, but I believe to have to live with it.

    If you turn the screen blue is the pixel also black? If so, then the blue sub-pixel is dead as well.
  5. What I'm going to suggest isn't very ethical, but neither is saying if you have less than 5 dead pixels the screen quality is still good... so here goes:

    If you can't find a solution for the pixel why not try and pop a few more pixels out so they take it back and give you a replacement?
  6. Its not that easy to break a pixel. Chances are, you will crack the screen before destroying the tiny transistors.
  7. Dead or stuck pixels are some of the things you have to deal with when buying a LCD monitor. Although rare some people (like the OP) will get them. The only suggestion I can make is to buy a "Dead Pixel Policy" if offered by the store. There is one, but I forogt the name since I don't buy stuff from them.

    Intentionally damaging the panel is unethical. I'm guessing if you have the right equipment you can damage a pixel, but its probably cheaper to buy new monitor than it is to buy the equipment.
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