£400 budget gaming rig

Just after some feedback before I pull the trigger; I think everything is pretty much ok...

Intel C2D E2160 - £37.72 (ebuyer)

Gigabyte P35C-DS3R - £63.69 (ebuyer)

Crucial Ballistix 2GB PC6400 - £37.99 (overclockers)

Video card
BFG Geforce 8800GT 512MB - £128.99 (overclockers)

Hard drive
250GB Western Digital 16Mb cache - £36.36 (ebuyer)

Samsung DVD-RW - £15.74 (ebuyer)

CPU cooler
Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro - £13.13 (ebuyer)

Antec Sonata III £61.26 (overclockers)


Thank you!
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  1. why are you buying the gpu and case from OCUK? ebuyer has both of them
  2. The case isn't from overclockers, my mistake. It's from ebuyer. Ebuyer doesn't do the Ballistix RAM which is the only reason I was planning on getting anything from overclockers at all, but then they also have better value on 8800GTs so I figured I may as well get that from there too.
  3. lol. you could just take the perpetually on sale set of OCZ ram... not sure if it's good ram, though... but that build will be great; it's pretty similar to mine, and i love my PC!!! you have a monitor?

    oh, and be wary, if you plan to SLI, you'll need to change the PSU in most likelihoods...
  4. Wouldn't I need a different motherboard to use SLI anyway? It's not something I'm looking at regardless tbh.

    Ideally I'd get an Antec P182 with a Corsair PSU, but I just spent loads of money on a new TV and AV receiver so the budget is too tight to stretch to that! Besides, my current PC has been running on a Sonata II for a couple of years with no problems, so I think it should be fine.

    Good to know it should be ok, thanks for your feedback.
  5. welcome :). gosh, i love this processor ^^
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