Hanns·G HZ251HPB vs ASUS VW246H

I game pretty regularly, watch downloaded movies/TV shows frequently, and am on the computer quite often. Newegg is having a nice sale for black friday weekend and i have until sunday to decide between the two monitors.


Hanns·G HZ251HPB

Side to Side comparison of the Two monitors

Which of these two would you choose from? Keeping within a budget of about 200 dollars, is there a different LCD that you would suggest that would outperform these? I know very little about monitor panels (TP vs IPS i believe) and details such as those that i was hoping someone would have some better insight to me. Thanks guys.
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  1. Hanns-G is pure crap in my book in terms of quality control.

    Skip it and go for the Asus VW246H.

    Here's a review of my Asus VK246H. It is the same monitor as the VW246H, but it has a built-in webcam.

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