Critique My New E8400 £800 Build


After a few days of research I have finally come up with a build which is > £800. I will be hopefully OC'ing the e8400 to around 4GHZ.


Just wondering if all the parts are compatible / the best ones to get in my price range. Also I am unsure about the motherboard / RAM, are there better ones avalible for the same price?

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  1. Best o/c build!

    There's this guy who thinks he can o/c 8400 to 4.2ghz on lesser cooling than yours. I would love to see him try. FYI, stock hsf can o/c 8400 to about 3.6ghz stable. That combo will go past 4ghz.
  2. 4GHZ is just a starting point seeming as this is my first build. Though I will stop increasing the clock speed once my temps get to around 65o'c at full load.

    Anyone have any comment on my RAM / Motherboard?

  3. everything looks good. You should almost definetely be able to get passed 4ghz with that cooler. make sure you post your results somewhere it will be interesting to see.
  4. Almost exactly what I plan on building after I return from vacation. I'm going to use Crucial Ballistix 1066 memory though. make sure you let us know how it turns out. Don't know what the conversion is, but 2 gigs of this memory will cost under $100 Cdn.
  5. Yeah I was thinking of swapping the RAM for this:

    Anyone know if it is better than this:

  6. they are both pretty similar to be honest but I can recommend the Corsair. I have some of the similar stuff and am pleased with it.
  7. Go with Ballistix. You won't be disappointed with its overclockability.
  8. Sorry, I know that has little to do with the topic, but isn't quite expensive?
  9. Thanks for all the help. I have decided to go with the Ballistix just cause it looks quality lol. Also the prices seem to be about the same as all the other big component shops here in the UK.

    Also does anyone know if the Gigabyte GA P35C-DS3R will work with the CPU straight off? Or will I need to do a bios update before installing the OS?

  10. Agreed, Scan is one of my favourite sites in the UK and I think its pretty good value.
    I think 99.9% of the Intel chipset motherboards (eg X38, P35, 975X etc...) should support the CPU without a BIOS update unless the board itself is quite old. It may be worth just checking the manufacturing website to make sure for this particular one.
  11. Crucial ram is guaranteed Micron chips so they overclock very well. Other ram isn't except for some of the expensive ones (the manufacturers get Micron chips from Micron who owns Crucial).
  12. Regarding the TRUE cooler and the E8400. I have both of these and the Antec 900 case. 4Ghz was attainable on the system, but i found the least i could get it to run 2 hour orthos stable was 1.44 vcore (X38 mobo). Now i know this doesn't sound much however, this chip increases nearly 10C Load every whole volt i put on it. Maybe i just didn't seat the HS properly or maybe i have a bad E8400 batch just my experience with it. 4.0Ghz vcore 1.44 with TRUE + 70CFM 120mm fan = 74C Load temps.

    As for RAM, your bog standard OCZ 6400 would be plenty you only need a 445FSB to get 4 Ghz. On my older comps i've had it running at 900Mhz. As akhilles said Crucial RAM will be plenty and you could prob lower your timings a tad aswell ;).

    It'll be an awsome system so enjoy tinkering.
  13. Thanks for the replies.
    @ closed_deal I reckon it might be a concave heatsink / seating issue as I have seen many overclocks on xtremesytems running at 4ghz with 50-60 on load.
    Ordering pretty soon so wish my luck :)
  14. Damn, you go to the same o/c board. I'd love to try LN2/DICE if I had access to it. heck, there should be o/c parties/shows/competitions(one held in asia).

    Intel o/cing doesn't require as much BIOS tweaking as AMD's, which will frustrate or turn off the budding overclocker. I even use a hacked/modded bios.

    Good luck.
  15. I just came from my 6000 @ 3.5ghz and can say it's not so much 'fun' with intel's. I booted at 4Ghz first time with little to no changes in the BIOS.

    With my AMD I started at 3.2Ghz then everytime i would get back from work because temps weren't an issue i would tweak and tweak settings. It took nigh on 2 weeks of rapid learning and endless reboots/blue screen of deaths before i got my final 3.5Ghz stable overclock :).

    With this Intel E8400 i'd finished tinkering in under 1 day after having to fit my TEC because my TRUE isn't Lapped right for the new CPU. All i had to worry about with this cpu is how hot the little swine gets and how little volts can i keep 4.2Ghz Stable at.
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