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Recently I've had really bad luck with LCD monitors, I owned a Samsung T260 which causes me nothing but heavy eye strain and headaches, now I
own a Samsung P2250 monitor which causes my eyes to be dry and strained fairly quickly.

I'm considering of buying an Alienware 3D monitor (the "23 one) which is 120Hz or the Acer GD235HZ to reduce eyestrain, do you think they indeed offer a reduced eyestrain as it has been on CRT monitors with high refresh rates?

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  1. Monitors never refreshed like CRT monitors. While CRTs refraw the entire image constantly which causes flicker. LCDs only redraw certain pixels when it needs to.

    If you are getting eye strain because of looking at web pages or text documents. Then refresh rate is probably not your concern.

    Try reducing brightness or making the image cooler (more blue, there should be a mode for it) which reduce eye strain. Sitting further away from the monitor would also help. You can increase text size through windows settings.

    If you are getting strained because you are playing video games and tired of choppy movement of 60hz. Then I would recommend a 120hz monitor.
  2. Thanks for the info, I did try to play with the color settings, making various modifications to the image, also lowering the brightness, but still always I'm getting certain strain.

    At my work I have a dell "22 monitor which causes me no eyestrain at all. I mostly use my monitor for reading and writing.

    At home I'm seating around 0.5meters away from the monitor, and increased DPI in Win7 as well.
    Any other factors that you may known of which cause eye strain?

  3. Its easier to get eye strain in a poorly lit room, such as working in the dark.

    Aging monitor backlights can gain a flicker. Though this shouldn't happen until you had it for several years. If it does flicker, you can order a new backlight. I don't think you need it.

    The bright white background of text documents can cause eye strain.

    Its also better for your room to have a warm yellowish lighting than cool white lighting.
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