£1200 Build Final Approval

Hey guys thought Id share my final build components with you, Ive already got the case and cooler, and my MOBO, GFX, CPU, PSU are on order.

I want you opinion on the memory and HDD these are the only things im not 100% sure on yet.

This is like an emergency high-end build as my laptop is about to croak, my aim is to OC the Q6600 to about 3.2ghz-3.4ghz depending on temp, stick with the GT until nvidia produces something worth upgrading for, and/or potentially getting a second GT a little further down the line (when I can afford it!). This will be my second attempt at a new PC as my last build had to be scrapped as my car decided to break down when I finally had the money saved!

Already got a Samsung 226BW 22" screen.

EVGA nForce 780i SLI nForce 780i (Socket 775) PCI-Express DDR2 Motherboard
Intel Core 2 Quad Pro Q6600 "Energy Efficient SLACR 95W Edition" 2.40GHz (1066FSB)
Corsair QuadX DDR2 XMS2 Dominator (4gb)
Zalman CNPS9700-NT nVidia Tritium CPU Cooler
CoolerMaster Stacker 832 - Black Trim (No PSU)
GFX Card
EVGA GeForce 8800 GT 512MB SSC GDDR3 HDTV/Dual DVI (PCI-Express)
Optical Drive
Pioneer DVR-115 20x IDE DVD+/-RW/RAM Black OEM
Power Supply
850W Enermax Galaxy
Western Digital Caviar SE16 500GB 5000AAKS SATA-II 16MB Cache

Thanks guys!
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  1. Solid build :D. But I would go with a P35-DS3x if not SLI, imo. SLI is not worth it unless playing games at really high res.
  2. I have to have the SLI option because its something I would want to do, if nothing else so I have a larger E-Penis!
  3. It may be just me but looks like your throwing stacks of cash at nothing right now. Your mobo is designed to support 3 16x channels for your graphics cards yet you have chosen a graphix card that at maximum can support only two of its kind in SLI. What is the third slot gonna be used for ? If your thinking of running tri SLI then the 8800GTX and the 8800 Ultra are the only current Nvidia cards that can support this.

    With the current prices of the 8800GT and the 8800GTS 512MB version i would go for the GTS every time. The price is almost exactly the same, within £5 in some places and the extra hertz on the shader models clock is gonna get you to GTX capabilities without issue. The BFG Geforce 8800GTS 675 MHz card is selling well. There are all sorts of deals on it but a good one can be found at overclockers.

    If you were to swap to the GTS recent power studies have shown that at full load it fulls max 300W so unless your planning on getting 3 (which you cant run all linked) then your PSU maybe overkill. However Enermax is a v good make but the 650 or 620 noisetaker version might be a better choice for noise reduction and actual power efficiency.

    But to answer your questions your RAM looks solid and two of those HDD's in RAID 0 will be a good complement to your rig. It is rumured that the the new geforce series is simply gonna be two GTS's ( or GTX's) on one card allowing you to Quad SLI on a two slot mobo so if thats what your holding out for then your mobo is still a bit overkill.

    However bonus marks for having room to expand :-)
    All the best
  4. WD7500AAKS is faster than WD5000AAKS

    Edit: Another guy who buys first and asks later... :ouch: :pt1cable:
  5. Forgot what exactly but the 7500AAKS uses different things than the 5000AAKS.
  6. PMR (perpendicular magnetic recording). That is, bits are packed closer to each other and can be read faster.
  7. Oh right that's what it was.

    PMR as oppose to Linear Magnectic Recording right?
  8. Hi thanks for the reply. As I say this is an emergency build, I was planning on waiting until the right GFX card was released, but my laptop is driving me mad, its 5 years old (due to uni) and CS 1.6 is now struggling to run on it let alone source. Plus visual studio runs like arse on it too and it doesn't support shader model 2.0 which makes 3D dev'ing pretty tough these days!

    I opted for the 780i because its future proofing such as the out of the box 45nm support, the processor is something I may change when the new ones are released (Shame about DDR3 support). The GT is literally to bridge the gap until I need a new card, the GT will run everything I want to for now, and the next year or so until the "10800GTX" comes out, then I will be looking to SLI them. Now that I've chosen the 8800 series I'm not going to bother with 9xxx, as you’ve said the performance is not radically different (although I may feel different 6 months down the line).

    The power supply I agree is alot over kill for a single GT! But again this is purely a future proofing thing, not sure what Im going to be adding later.
    Im glad you approve of the HDD & Ram, particularly the HDD. I never really know what im looking for! I was thinking about getting a Raptor as thats what most people seem to be doing, but it seemed like alot of money, for something thats not going to make much difference in game, although its another option for the future! Those 500gb’s are so cheap you could just keep collecting them in RAID.

    Im a little concerned that despite the fact the cooler master case is huge, my cpu fan will not fit, with the 4 door fans. Have to wait and see, as ive measured it could do depending on where the CPU is situated.
  9. Hi just looked at the WD7500AAKS vs WD5000AAKS thanks for the suggestion, is the speed difference worth the £45?
  10. Hmmm, you also get 750GB instead of 500GB. The price per GB is about the same.
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