Top few inches of monitor S243HL is very dark

First off, this is not the monitor scaling issue. I do not have a black border on the screen. If you divide the screen of my S243HL into squares like:

1A 2A 3A 4A 5A
1B 2B 3B 4B 5B
1C 2C 3C 4C 5C

Squares 2A, 3A, and 4A (Basically the top third of the screen, except for a couple inches off the left and right edges) are significantly darker then the other squares when the screen is displaying a dark image. Like night time when playing a video game. There is no glare and I am viewing the monitor straight on. I believe this is because there is a problem with my particular monitor, did anyone else have this issue with this monitor? Is this normal for this model?

Here are two pictures. The second one is after I look down and you can see that the previously bright door is very dark now.

I am only able to get decent colors with the dynamic contrast ratio setting on. I know many people have been able to calibrator this monitor to look good without it on. Could you tell me what settings you used?

One last thing, since I believe my monitor is defective and I still have the option of returning it (instead of just warranty repair), are there any other monitors out there that someone would recommend over this one for a similar price? I spent $240 and mainly use it for gaming and web browsing.
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  1. It may be illumination failure. I would return the monitor.
  2. This is noticable outside of games as well? On a pure white screen?
    A couple LEDs light have broke casuing uneven backlighting.
  3. Here are pictures of the monitor with pure black and pure white. The pure black picture is very strange, look how it is brighter around the side, including the area where it is dark on top. Makes a kind of "X".

    Rofl_My_Waffle, I know you reviewed this monitor. Did it have any similar problems? What monitor settings did you use? I have only been able to get good color in games by having ACM on (Dynamic Contrast), lowering the gamma and raising the color saturation in CC.

    Any other similar monitors you would recommend over this one?
  4. The point is; you should be looking at your monitor at least from the top level of it.

    Also the panel technology is important; IPS is better and expensive...

    I ve returned the same product...
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