Build me a PC - £1000/$2000 - must run Maya and CS3 well


Can you guys help me build a new workstation? It needs to run Autodesk Maya and Adobe CS3 quickly. I'm thinking of building this around the Q6600 (or possibly the QX if the budget can stretch) and an ATI FireGL card (perhaps an 'older' version to save on cost; the 7300 for example is still a bloody good card. I don't really want to use a Quadro as they're not quite upto the job and i've had annomolies with them before.

I've never built a PC before and would appreciate any help/other website that can help me. I am not really looking for a gaming PC, this is going to be a bit of a work horse - though i wouldn't mind running the odd game or two ;)

I'm a long time mac user, and i'm happy using my macbook for personal use, however i think an XP machine (not going near Vista thank you very much) will run the apps i need well.

Any help appreciated
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  1. I suggest going with a quadro card or firegl. My school that teaches maya, uses quadro cards and compared to my 7950GT they are better for that stuff. And yea, make sure you go quad core, as maya will use all cores
  2. No need to get a Quadro or a FireGL. Just get a decent graphics card and it will run it fine. Most of the work is CPU dependent. I have built PCs for these exact apps (Maya, SolidWorks,CS3, AutoCAD), and never had noticed improvements from buying a Workstation graphics card. I recomend you get a card with at least 512MB dedicated RAM. For the CPU any Intel Quad core (Q6600 or better), a good motherboard like the DS3R/L. 500GB or more HDD(s).
    **If possible get a Raptor for the OS and the critical programs (ie. CS3) you WILL notice a difference in save time, rendering, etc.

    At least 2GB RAM and if going with 2+GB RAM a 64bit OS.
  3. thanks for the advice guys. I'm am wondering if the FireGL is needed. I think a 8800GTS or similar (with 512MB + of RAM) would do well.

    Definitely now looking at quad core though, cheers.

    What about RAM? As much as i can afford presumably. prob looking at about 4GB.

    As for the mobo i'm thinking Asus P5 of some flavour - can anyone recommend a specific model?

    Case/PSU/cooling isn't much of a problem i can get all of that sorted out

    a standard DVD burner will do (no ned for blu-ray for a couple years yet)

    i think i might try and get a raptor (or barracuda) for the OS and apps and then a 500-750GB 7200rpm drive for files etc that i can drag and drop the project files into the raptor etc.

    Interested in shadows views on the graphics card though - you think a gaming card like a 8800 or an X1000 series would be good enough - could save some serious ££ if so!!
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