Just bought my first PC. WIll crossfire work with this monitor?

I just custom ordered my first gaming PC and I totally had a brainfart while building it. Will two R6870's in crossfire work on my monitor? ( Spectre E246W) It has 1 DVI, ! HDMI, and 1 VGA. Did I totally drop the ball by not ordering a monitor by not having one equipped with two DVI inputs or is this not a problem? I can't find a solution on the web and I would really appreciate the help!!!
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    No, you should be fine so long as it has the correct ports, which it does. You do not need a dual input on a monitor for crossfire (or at all), as the point of crossfire is to give you double the graphics processing power, not double the output to the monitor.
  2. Thats a relief. So where do I pluf in the monitor into the back of the computer. Obviousley there will be 4 DVI outputs because of the 2 graphics cars... So which one do I pluf it into, or does it matter?
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  4. No, it doesn't matter. Anyone will do.
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