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I recently got a new monitor, a Hanns.G HW191, but I ran into something rather strange. In a couple programs, Photoshop and Windows Photo Viewer are the only ones I've noticed so far, there is no white at all. Instead of white, it's a very light yellow-ish color. Photoshop also said something about something with my monitor being defective but I of course ignored it and clicked the "Do not show again" box. Brilliant move, I know. I ran the CD that came with the monitor but that didn't change anything and the white shows up perfectly fine in other programs like Firefox and Gimp. The colors were fine on my old fat Compaq monitor so I'm not exactly sure what's wrong. I looked on Hanns.G's site for drivers but for whatever reason, they don't have any. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. You've presumably played with brightness, contrast, gamma settings ?
  2. I've tried messing with a few settings but I think if it were an issue with my settings, then programs like Firefox wouldn't show any white. As it stands right now, all the areas that are supposed to be white, are.
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    You're right in principle -- but there's a reason people adjust gamma when using Photoshop -- have a look at your video card's settings. Control Panel, Display, Settings, Advanced.
  4. I tried a few more things. Changed some settings in the Catalyst Control Center, messed with gamma, brightness, etc in the Calibrate Color program I guess would be the right term for it. Updated my graphics card's drivers. Hmmm okay, something I just did fixed it in Photoviewer and Photoshop. Many thanks :)
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