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Now im not confused about getting a tv to work as a monitor. I just want to know if it would be worth it to put one on my desk.
I've been in the market for a new, bigger display ever since i got my new 5850 (which rocks :bounce: ). i tried eyefinity but soon gave up after finding out that it would cost way too much than its worth to do such a setup :fou: . then i found a 32" lcd tv on and started wondering if a tv would suffice :heink: . I know that the viewing distance is further away than a monitor therefor the resolution and pixel density are inferior to a monitor of equivalent size. i just wanted to ask those of you out there that have these setups what you think of them and if you have any pointers to help me make the right decision. the display will be mainly used for gaming, web browsing, and video playback.

thanks in advance
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  1. TVs are generally not that good for gaming.
    Which TV is it? You will have to find out if it is playable. The chances are if it is a budget TV, the answer will be no. Not only is there a potential problem response time, but there can also be issues with input latency (which is not a problem for movies or internet.
  2. If you get the 32" TV, make sure it's capable of 1980p res otherwise you'll have problems with text.

    My 40" TV works just fine. However, I don't play FPS games so I can't say how bad/good would that be on one. You'll need fast monitor for that, at least 12 sec GTG.
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