New Gaming Build (£1000/$2000 - £1200/$2400) - Need Advice

Hi, I'm pretty new to this, but I'm looking at building a new gaming machine on a budget of around £1000-1200 ($2000-2400 roughly).

I've done a bit of homework and had a look around and this is what I came up with:





Mobo, CPU, Memory, Heat Sink (bundle) -

Case -

Opinions and suggestions to this would be appreciated.

Oh and also, is it worth waiting around for the GeForce 9 series (or whatever it is their releasing for DX10.1), or is the 8800GTX still good enough?
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  1. what monitor resolution are you going to use?
  2. srry double post
  3. Got a 27" AOC TV that I'll use as a monitor for the time being, then In a month or so I'll be looking at getting a Dell 24".

    Maybe something like:
  4. if your going to go for 22" you would really only need an 8800 GT
    if your going for 24" i would go 2x8800gt can get a 8800gt now then just sell and upgrade when the geforece 9 series becomes available
  5. Am I right in saying if I wanted to go for 2x 8800GT's I would have to get something like a 680i instead of the x38 chipset? I don't know a great deal about all this but I didn't think the Intel Chipsets supported SLI.

    Are the 680i's as good as the x38? I heard there were quite a lot more problems with stability.
  6. 680i's arent as reliable as the x38's but the x38's cant run SLI
  7. 680i's are good...But why not go with 3x3870s?
  8. So it would be better to go for either 3x3870s or a 680i and 2x8800gt?

    And not the 8800GTX?
  9. Just had another thought, would it be worth buying a cheap 8500 or something, then upgrading to the 9 series when its released?
  10. Personally as far as what you have given goes, I would go with 2/3 3870s. As a general rule 3870s in CF do as well as 8800GTs in SLI but for less cash. And also you could keep the same motherboard.

    Currently the 8800GTX really isn't worth it. There is supposed to be a new Nvidia card coming out some time soon. (I'm not sure when, some one around here probably does.)

    Also I would look for a higher resolution monitor. (1650x1050 native in a 24" isn't that great.)
  11. Thanks for the input.

    Are there any x38 motherboards availiable with quad crossfire graphics?

    Could someone give me an example of what I'd need for 3x 3870s?
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