Samsung Releases strange serie


I'v decided to buy two new monitors.
i was doing some research and two monitors got my attention
the samsung syncmaster p2770FH and the samsung syncmaster p2770H

And the only differfence i could find is the response time with 1 ms and the samsung syncmaster p2770FH is cheaper
so what do you think people. What is the main difference with these two monitors.

should i go for the cheaper one wich is also better with 1ms response time or is there something that i need to be aware of..

Here is a list of the small differences. the Left specs are from the P2770FH and Right from the P2770H

Black vs Black paint
6.7 KG vs 5.8 KG
176/170 vs 170/160
1ms vs 2ms
Dvi-i HDMI vs DVi-D/HDMI
Speakers vs no speakers
2010 vs 2009

So why do these monitors look a like and still is the better one cheaper.
I think thats odd
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  1. The p2770FH is replacing the older p2770H with a few new tweaks and specs. That's all the real difference.
  2. Ah okay well thanks for the reply.
    I bought the P2770FH yesterday . so i'm wating for the monitors to arrive.!

    Greetings Tycho
  3. Sounds like it should be a really great monitor. Come back and let us know how it goes.
  4. I deff. will
    I'm upgrading from two 19 inch iyama's so i will let you know in this post when they arrive.

    Greetings Tycho
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