Samsung SyncMaster 2033W TFT Resolution problem


I had recently bought Samsung SyncMaster 2033 TFT 20'' monitor but it is giving me resolution problem. I am not able to adjust resolution for this monitor as my Displey settings only showing 5 resolutions i.e - 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x720, 1280x768 and 1360x768. I had tried windows vista and windows 7 but getting same problem. I had already tried to create custom resolution from nvidia control panel but it gives me the message - Custom resolution is not supported by your monitor.

I am not getting higher screen resolution like 1600x900 etc which are supported by this monitor..

I have nvidia 9800GT graphics card, windows 7 64bit..

can any1 plz help me on this issue ?

waiting eagerly for reply..

Regards, super M
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  1. Click on the advanced settings that is shown in the picture. It should give you more options.
  2. Have you installed the latest graphics drivers?
  3. Hello,
    Thanks for the responce..i have latest nvidia drivers for windows 7 64bit and resolutions are same in advanced settings..

    Regards, Super M
  4. There may be a setting in the advanced Nvidia control panel for resolution that is putting a cap on your windows resolution. I had that happen once with my ATI control center.
  5. Try un-installing the drivers, reboot then reinstalling.

    This fixed a fuzzy text issue with my HTPC.
  6. which driver jaguarskx ? Monitor or Gcard ?

    Regards, Super M
  7. Video Drivers
  8. Hello,

    I just finished reinstalled the drivers (latest). Still not working.. :sarcastic:

    can any expert help me about this problem ??

    Regards, Super M
  9. I still think the issue is with your Nvidia control panel. It can put a resolution cap on the windows display resolution. Depending on your version of Nvidia's control panel, it will look similar to this
  10. exactly same bro. Check SS -

    When i try adding new resolution it says -
  11. can any1 help me on this ??
  12. I don't know what else it could be. Everything I see on that model says it supports 1600x900.

    I would try a different monitor and see if you can get the higher resolution. If yes, it's the monitor.
  13. well, i am too suffering from the problem........
    i had some issues previously wid my monitor
    after when i got it fixed, the problem was solved but my resolution became low..1.e 1280 x 1024
    the same probs that your pc is showing, im not able to configure the problem.
    i guess its the monitor who is having the problem.
    when i had XP 64 bit installed, i was able to add custom resolution to 1680 x 1050, but when i installed Windows 7, i am not able to install any custom resolution. i have installed all latest drivers, but still im getting the same probs.
    i have 8600 GE nvidia graphic card
    and 2043nwx monitor.....
    can anybody give any solution
  14. whe ni go to 1900x1440x32 on the same nonitor ...... it gives me a "not optimum mode" message and the damn thing stays there for about a minute..... is there anyway i can disable that message
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