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I have a Viewsonic N2652W 26" monitor that will not power on. The red lite on the on/off buttom lites RED. When I press it on, it turns GREEN for about 2 seconds, blinks once and goes back to RED. NO lites or sounds from the monitor. I pulled off the back and can see no obvious issues, but really wouldn't know if it didn't pop out at me. Any Ideas... I reads some thoughts on Power supply and capacitors. Thanks!
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  2. Thanks for the info. I repalced 5 capacitors, turned it on and the green light came on and a very faint image, (barely visable in low light), but then 30-40 seconds later it went off and the Red light came back on. Now it does just what it did initialy. I could not locate any other obvious 'bad capacitors' or identify any other obvious issues. Is there a way to test it (or get it tested) that would verify the problema nd whether it is worth repairing. Thanks again for all your input!
  3. Well, you must be well pleased with us after all that soldering ? But, obviously other things can go wrong. Sounds like the backlight, if it weren't for the red light. I think you may have to offer this to a repair guy.
  4. Well, although it was not a good experiance, it was good experiance! Thanks for all your help. I will inquire on the cost of testing. One thought though. This was used by my father-in-law and he rarely, if ever turned it off. It would go to screen saver mode but was always powered on, could that cause a specific problem?
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