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I am looking for a new monitor for gaming and typical daily use. I would like a bigger monitor (above 24"/below 30"), but do not want to sacrifice picture quality and performance simply for screen size. I have these two monitors in mind as they are closer to my buget. Which of the following do you think will have the best picture/performance. Will there be a difference in quality? Thanks for any advice.

ASUS VW266H 25.5-Inch Widescreen (Amazon)

Hanns-G HZ281HPB 27.5'' (from Newegg)
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  1. After buying a 27" samsung P2770H TN panel, the Asus VW266H, and another 23" Samsung PX2370 and returning them all for different reasons, I bought a DellU2311H which I am very happy with.

    Now that there are e-IPS screens that can be had for around 250$, there is no reason to buy TN panels anymore.

    There is no comparison between that Dell and the other models... The dell blows them away in picture quality and color reproduction.

    I found out the hard way that bigger isn't better. If I had the money I might consider the 27" Dell IPS, but I'm telling you that U2311H is worlds better than ANY TN panel I have laid eyes on.

    FYI I play Starcraft 2 and Bad Company 2 mostly right now. The U2311H has very low input lag, and I don't notice ghosting hardly at all coming from a 5MS TN panel ~ don't let the 8MS rating through you off.

    Google TFT central for a good review.
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