Samsung 2032BW - vertical lines at left and right edges

I have a Samsung SyncMaster 2032BW monitor, it's nearly 3 years old.

I've only just noticed that on the far left and right edges of the screen there are very faint, very thin vertical lines, stretching from top to bottom.

This is mostly noticeable on single colour areas, but NOT on black or white areas.

To get an idea of where they are placed, imagine that the screen is split into 10 vertical columns - the lines are only visible in the leftmost and rightmost columns.

I'm sure it's not a video card fault as the lines look exactly the same irrespective of the resolution.

Is this simply down to the design of the monitor, or a fault?

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  1. It could be your monitor is starting to die, but you should try the following:

    1. Reinstall the drivers.
    2. Disconnect the video cable at both ends, then reconnect
    3. Try to borrow another cable in case it's an issue with the cable
    4. Re-seat your video card unless it is an integrate video chip. That means pull the video card out of the slot, then re-insert the card.

    If nothing changes, then it appears the monitor is the issue.
  2. Thanks very much, will try your suggestions.
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