£550 gaming system build, any changes you think i should make?

Hi, would like some experts oppinion on this system build

It is mainly for gaming , on a budget of £550, i need everything except cd drives and hard drives

I do plan to do a little overclocking, will buy a nice cpu heatsink when i have the money

I dont really know what "goes together " well, I just pick nice components
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  1. Oh...
  2. Hi Mate,

    Did you build this system in the end? Just wondering as I'm considering a similar purchase.

  3. dont bother with the 8800gts
    get the 8800gt instead its almost as good as the 8800gtx but lot cheaper

    get a cheaper case and the e6750, e6850, or q6600 if you want to be future proof as your processor will probably bottleneck your graphics card

    and if you can afford it get a p35 mobo instead like the asus p5k or any of its more expensive brothers
  4. The 8800GT is actually better.
    Also, Check your board for Penryn compatibility before purchase.
    You don't want to limit your upgrade options.
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