Opinions on ASUS LCD monitors

I am looking at getting 2 new LCDs next week when I expect to get my new PC.

Looking through newegg the ASUS LCDs seem to be popular and highly rated. Anybody have experience or opnions on either of there?

ASUS VW246H 24"

ASUS VH242H 23.6"

Should I be looking at other manufacturers? I checked out the dell monitors, but their IPS ones for the same screen size are bit more expensive.

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  1. I've got dual ASUS VH236H (2ms 23" 1080p LCD), bought about a year apart. They are great and I highly recommend ASUS. However on one of them the black/white levels are a little different, and the colors aren't the same... but this doesn't really bother me much as I don't normally have the same thing displayed on both monitors at the same time.
  2. Thanks.

    Anybody else?
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    See my review of the Asus VK246H which is the same as the VW246H, but it has a built-in webcam.
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  5. The Asus VW266H had ass quality picture. I had a several year old viewsonic 2235wm TN panel that was exponentially better color reproduction, picture quality, and lights/darks as well.

    I returned 2 samsung TN panels, and I returned the asus VW266H before I found a monitor I was happy with. So yea, I'm kinda a snob I guess. That said, the VW266H was THE WORST of all the monitors I looked at.

    To give the benefit of the doubt, maybe I got a lemon. The whole screen had a greenish hue, that even my wife noticed (and she is not a computer person at all).

    I was shocked to see that monitor got such high reviews from people, to find that my several year old 22" viewsonic had a much prettier picture.
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