Monitor not getting on!!

I have a Samsung Monitor...whenever I start the computer, it takes atleast 30-40 minutes for the screen to "wake up". And this lag time keeps increasing, finally taking up hours together to wake up till the moniter is replaced.
It is the third moniter I'm using now, and maybe I'll have to replace this please help!

The moniters work fine in all other CPUs...(esp. outside the house), but it doesn't work inside... Is something wrong with the power system??
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  1. If the monitor works fine on other PCs then it is likely a problem with your PC.

    Most current monitors have the power converter built into the monitor unless your power cable is connected to a "brick" which means the power converter is external to the monitor.

    You either have a software issue, hardware issue or maybe both (doubtful, but possible). Possible solutuions are:

    1. Reinstall the graphics driver.
    2. Try another cable (borrow one instead of buying it)
    3. Borrow a friend's video card to determine if your video card is faulty.
    4. Reinstall Windows ('cause something could have been corrupted)
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