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Hi Guys.....I am planning to buy a new monitor with 23" display mainly for games and Budget is $200(Max)......I'm wondering whether to buy a LED or LCD monitor......Which one do you think is the best monitor available......a help would be grateful.....and by the way I want the monitor with a 3 year warranty.......
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  1. Heres a list of comparisons

    Typical CCFL:
    -72% - 82% NTSC color gamut depending on the monitor
    -Can produce a true white
    -More uniform brightness since only a few CCFL lamps are used
    -White point can change over time and becomes inaccurate without calibration.
    -Need 10 minutes warm up time to best colors
    -Brightness of backlight falls and rises when the electrical current rise and falls but it is at least 200hz. Basically this part doesn't matter but LED is different.

    White LED
    -Lower profile for slim monitors
    -Lower power consumption
    -No warmup time
    -White point doesn't change
    -Longer lifetime (of the backlight, the rest of the componentry remains the same)
    -Only 68% of NTSC color gamut (Some manufacturers rig their testing and qoute 72% because it sounds better to move up the digits)
    -More expensive
    -Very tiny blue tint because LEDs can't display white.
    -Less bright (shouldn't matter because you can run it at 100% and LEDs don't degrade but be warned if direct sunlight hits it, it won't run at 110%)
    -Uses direct current, no dips in brightness. (It doesn't matter)

    In short LED has a lot of features that doesn't impact picture quality but features none the less so it commands a higher price. I personally won't give too much money for it. If you can find it for maybe $10 or $20 more then it wouldn't be a bad choice.

    Also I would avoid saying "LED or LCD" because LED is the backlight and LCD is the display mechanism, other than both being 3 letter acronyms starting with L, they are not interchangable. Its like asking should I buy a computer with "Nvidia Graphics" or "Windows", its clearly not the same thing. Its those souless marketers at Samsung, LG, and Apple writing a bunch of misinformed crap to sell you products, don't be fooled.

    You might be able to get a Dell U2211H for that price if you find it or wait for a discount at Dell website. I say this monitor not because it has a difference in backlighting but it has a fundamental difference in the color displaying mechanism. It sports an e-IPS panel rather than a TN panel. A long list of things can be said about the two mostly ending up with TN being good for nothing except cheap. The Dell U2211H is 22" screen, I know you asked for 23" but it is still 1080P at this size so you are not missing out on desktop space or image quality, just smaller. You will find the colors and view angles to be considerably better than TN monitor and it comes pre-calibrated so you won't have to spend $200 on a calibrator.
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