Hdtv - IPS monitor comparison?

So I've been using this HDTV as a computer monitor for a while (http://tinyurl.com/35snd72) and I'm wondering, going by the tech specs listed, how much better an IPS monitor would look, like a Dell U2410 http://tinyurl.com/mjnc8j

I'm wondering because I remember thinking the image looked a bit washed out when I first used this tv as a monitor, but I think I have become used to it. Also IPS monitors tend to cost a fair bit of cash.
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  1. Dell will give more resolution, so better image quality and color is more accurate when viewing pictures. I don't know how much are you willing to pay for the trade-off though?
  2. U2311H is 23" 1080p... Great monitor for half the price of the U2410. If you find a coupon code you can get it for around 250$

    I haven't personally seen the U2410. Have you checked TFTcentral for expert reviews of the different current IPS screens available?
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