Which monitor to use out of these 3?

1-Samsung B2230H

2-LG E2250V-PN

3-Samsung 2233rz

I actualy want no.3,but is 1680x1050 a low res for a 22"? The first two are HD monitors,but have 5 ms response time.And higer resolution by smaller monitors would mean smaller icons,etc right? Also demanding stronger hardware?
Please share your advice & opinions.

Thanks =)
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  1. 1680x1050 is the standard resolution for a 22" monitor.

    Also your icon size depends on the pixel size of the monitor. Most monitors have a pixel size of 0.025mm

    Also LED backlight doesn't do anything for picture quality and color.
  2. Which is better for the pixel size? Bigger or smaller?
  3. displays with smaller pixel size looks a lot better when sitting close.
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