Hanns G HZ281 review

Thought I would share my experience with my new monitor today. I purchase the Hanns G HZ 281 from Costco this week.


Online price $329.99
Less -$50.00
YOUR COST $279.99

* Screen Size: 28" WUXGA TFT LCD (27.5" viewable) Computer Monitor
* Resolution: 1920 x 1200
* Response time: 3ms X-Celerate Overdrive
* Brightness: 400 cd/m²
* Contrast Ratio: 800:1
* Dynamic Ratio: 15000:1
* Viewing Angle: 170° H/160° V
* Pixel Pitch: 0.309mm

Yes, it's large and yes you get what you pay for.

The picture is adequate for most computing. I haven't tested it for gaming, so I can't say much about the claimed response time. For surfing, watching videos, editing videos, basic photo editing it's good if you need the real estate. I do because I sit just over 30" to 36" from the screen. Any closer and I think you would be better off with a smaller monitor.

I think it would be great for gaming, but, I really don't do much of that. Thought about hooking the XBOX to it, but probably won't.

The speakers are poor even for computer monitor speakers. They'd do in absolute pinch, but I can't imagine anyone using them for anything other than desperation.

I've noticed two red pixels. They don't bother me much. I guess I'm not as anal as some say.

I did some perspective photo shots so you could judge (to some degree) for yourself. The color shift is very obvious at ~55 degrees off centerline. Of course, I don't sit off center, above or below the monitor. Some minor darkening at the top. Also note, I didn't put much effort into the photos or setting angles and this is a 3 yr old Fuji Finepix camera...nothing special.

Took a second shot of the normal photo background for comparison. I think it looks ok. Good enough to read from and post at Tom's ;)

Conclusion: if you know what you want and understand the monitors limitations it's an OK choice. It's certainly inexpensive per sq. in. and Costco's return policy is much more generous than online vendors with on a small hit on price.

I think gamer's and daily users that want the sq. in. will be more than satisfied.

Note, the brightness was turned up to 11 (actually 100%). I turned that down to about 40% and contrast to 50%, used the "COOL" setting because I'm so cool...actually, I prefer the bluish tint (cool). Switching to the warm or nature setting (or manual) settings might produce a more accurate image.
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