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I've been doing a lot of research on 120hz monitors because I really want one to play fps on my new i-5/gtx 460 build. I love the smoothness of the 120hz monitors but Ive read mixed reviews as far as color accuracy. I am a freelance graphic designer (new to the market and I'm doing it as a side job) and I understand the importance of having color accuracy. However, I do not need perfect color. I just want good color (I don't want it to look terrible like my Vizio VU32L TV). I've never had the chance to view one of these monitors in person so I am unsure just how inaccurate the colors may be.

I am trying to decided between the Acer GD235HZ or the Asus VG236H Being about $150 more than the Acer, the Asus comes with the Nvidia 3D glasses (which I may get eventually anyways) Therefor, the Asus is a better deal considering those 3D glasses are typically $200. Additionally, I heard the Asus is better... at least according to the technical specs. However, this video review in particular made me wary of the Asus's (green tint color issue). I'm not sure how true/exaggerated this review is but between the Asus and Acer, but I would like to chose the one with better color accuracy.

If the monitor's colors truly are pretty bad, I was considering or (I don't think they're any different other than the stand). I do know these monitors have great colors but I'm unclear on the refresh rate... does vertical refresh rate "55-75" mean that the refresh rate goes to 75hz?

Input would be greatly appreciated so I can decide this week what I'm going to order.
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  1. Budget?
  2. Depends... I'm not going to spend $500 on the Alienware monitor for a few extra features but if I could find a REALLY good monitor for 500 I MIGHT buy it. I'm thinking no more than 400 though. I'd prefer to keep it closer 300. Right now I'm most inclined to go with the Acer 120hz monitor.
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    Sorry to dissappoint you but if you are looking for color accuracy for professional work, then you have been looking at the wrong places.

    I recommend the Dell U2410 but if thats too expensive the Dell U2311 is also a fine choice. These are actually good monitors for color accuracy and depth.

    The Dells use IPS panels and not cheap TN panels. Thats why they are more expensive but their quality is much much better.

    An IPS panel has the advantage of

    Richer and more accurate colors. All TN panels look washed out by comparison.

    24bit color (16.7 million possible colors) rather than 18bit (256k possible colors) This makes your colors more accurate and color gradients more smooth.

    A Wide Gammut CCFL backlight. Apart from the actualy LCD panel, the backlight is one of the most important parts of the monitor for good colors. You may think LED is better but white LED is quite inferrior in terms of color. For example the latest Apple Cinema display uses white LEDs but only specs 72% NTSC color gammut while the Dell 27" which uses the same LCD but W-CCFL backlight can do 110% NTSC color gammut. Only RGB LED can make a better difference but that is expensive and available on only 1 desktop monitor and some laptops.

    Better viewing angle. TN panels are notorious for color shifts when viewed from off center. IPS panels are built to eliminate that effect. So your colors look consistent at all times.

    The Dell monitors are factory calibrated. No two monitor has the exact same profile, thats why professionals need to calibrate their monitors so the colors look the same as the prints. However a calibrator can run a few hundred dollars. So the Dell has some added value if you don't already have a calibrator.

    Unfortunately there are no IPS panels that feature 120hz.

    As for your question about 55-75hz. The refresh rates indeed goes to 75hz but thats only for extremely low resolutions. At the default resolution any LCD monitor can only do 60hz unless advertised for 120hz.
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  5. Yes, a bit of a disappointment but your answer was very helpful. Thanks.
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