PX2370 Samsung - My experience so far

So, as many of you, I have been searching for over a year for a monitor upgrade.

First and foremost, you should know that I have tried both the Asus VW266, and the Samsung P2770H. Of the two, the Samsung image quality was far superior to the VW266. In fact the VW266 had horrible colors. I didn't realize what a color snob I was, untill I tried it.

Problem why I returned the first samsung P2770H was two reasons. One, because the lights and darks were washed out. I couldn't have deep blacks and light whites at the same time. Secondly, and most importantly, the thing was so bright I thought my eyes were going to burn out of their sockets. I hear many people saying in reviews that they turn the brightness down to 50% or something similar, which may be OK, but if you are a gamer like me, you wanna be able to see what you are shooting at in fog/smoke and/or shadows.

On to the PX2370...

The PX2370 has THE BEST TN panel image quality I have seen, I also read this similar statement from other reviews, before I bought the monitor. Dark darks, light lights... The contrast ratio may not be that of a $500 ips, but its much better than the TN panels I have experienced. I would prefer if this was a 24" monitor. My experience with the 27" left me to believe that anything bigger than a 24" monitor is almost too big... I sit very close to my monitor with my current setup.

Ok, so $300 is a tad bit high for a 23" monitor, but the picture claims 100% sRGB color reproduction, 2ms response time, and excellent contrast ratio. The point of the matter is there isn't another monitor with a $300 tag that meets the criteria I was looking for. It was a close call between this and the 23" Dell eIPS, which has had some great reviews also.. BUT it has a slower response time. In all honesty I am still tempted to return this monitor and check out the IPS ; )

In conclusion I am not expert, but I notice the difference between a good picture enough to return my first two TN panel monitors. This one is a keeper. I don't feel that it was a life changing experience moving up to this panel, but it has a strong picture, great response time, and good whites/blacks. I would recommend spending the $300 on this over a cheaper, even a bigger TN panel. I am still considering buying a good IPS panel, and see if its all that its hyped up to be. I spend enough time on the computer I could probably justify doing a 24" NEC or Dell. My only problem is if I see ghosting when playing FPS games I would probably cry after spending that much on a monitor.
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  1. Well written review!
  2. After further use, I have a couple things to add. This monitor still has the best picture of any TN panel I have used. But I have a couple negative comments to make note of in case any of you guys are planning to buy one.

    For one thing, I notice that some screens appear grainy. I don't know how else to describe it. This is especially true for photos, and more so in lighter colored images. Also when playing starcraft 2 if I look really close at health bars or the like when I am shifting the position of the view, it appears to be pixelated.

    Another complaint is I have noticed some banding issues. Both in game play, and in cut scenes within games etc.

    This is still a beautiful picture, and the best TN panel I have seen. BUT I am returning it, because I feel like 300$ is pretty pricey for a 23" screen, and with the above mentioned complaints, I think its a bit too much to pay.. I have an existing 23" viewsonic I am again keeping, although I think my next step is an IPS, because I am wondering if my current screen is giving me headaches.

    Is it possible that my graphics card is causing banding issues?

    Geforce GTX 260 216 cores.. I know that running newer games at 1920x1080 is kinda pushing it...
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