Is it good to buy 25 inch monitor with tv £170, concerning quality

Are the picture quality good enough?

I used to watch anime 720p videos on computer and youtube. And gaming for games like left 4 dead 2, starcraft 2, and any directx 10/11 games.

How it does compare to this the 23 inch monitor from DGM?

Does contrast ratio really make a difference between 800 and 1000?

I used 750 one and it's good enough. If you not agreed, give image to compare.
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  1. According to the specs it should be a nice monitor. I took a chance like this once, buying a dirt cheap no brand TV a couple of years back and still enjoy it to this day. The colors are awesome and the picture is clear. And it was half the price of other 32" LCD tv's. If you do buy it, I hope your gamble has as good of an outcome as mine did.
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