What is a good monitor to buy for SC2 and web surfing?

I was wondering if anyone know which monitor is good to buy. I'm looking for one that is 23 to 24". I'm using it mainly for Starcraft 2 and web surfing. Please post a link if you can. Also what is the different between 1920x1200 and 1920x1080 resolution? So far I have been looking at the ASUS VW266H


and ASUS MS238H


which monitor is better for color?

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  1. GPU? Are you using VGA or DVI?
  2. shineon2010 said:
    GPU? Are you using VGA or DVI?

    I'm currently going to use the 8800 gts, but will upgrade later to the new HD6000 series or maybe gtx480. Not sure what the difference is between VGA or DVI. Was thinking of using maybe the HDMI?
  3. sasuki said:

    Is the HP monitor matte or glossy? What's good about the HP monitor? Thanks.
  4. VGA is being phased out in favour of DVI, bewteen both those monitors you posted one has dvi and the other does not. see similar thread here


    you only need HDMI if your using your gaming consoles..PS3,XBOX,etc... and not watching movies. Try checking out the SAMSUNG P2450H and Viewsonic VX2439WM
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