Which 24" Monitor under $400?

I really need a new monitor soon to replace my old philips crt. I can spend up to $400 but no more.

So far I have been considering the Benq G2420HD, Samsung 24" screens, LG W2486L LED, HP 2408h (or something like that) and a few others.

I cant afford to pay for a monitor like the dell ultrasharp so please dont litter the post with expensive monitors.

Must have:

Good viewing angle.
Decent response time for casual gaming
HD res
HDMI port
Good image quality, for photoshop / animation.

I may need to get it tomorrow so quick replies would really be appreciated,

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  1. Try this.. NEC MultiSync EA231WMi.. Its got an IPS panelling and has very good image quality and viewing angles..
  2. Quote:
    You might try with this 27" Planar HD LCD Monitor. Nice quality. Very good to use. I got it just for $290. But I'm not sure the price is still that good. You might keep an eye at
    hope it helps

    Two days too late. It was only valid for August 25th.

    That's also a crap monitor (since it uses a TN panel) for graphics use.


    I would recommend either the Dell U2311w or the NEC EA231WMi. The U2311w's default color settings are actually pretty accurate for something that rolls off the production line.

    See reviews below. Between the two reviews I would opt for the Dell.


  3. Thanks for your replies, I have looked at the monitors suggested so far but I am looking specificakly for a 24" model rather than
    23" or 27". I dont need this monitor for very high quality cg work or intense gaming however I do have a GTX 480 so it should be able to complement it.

    I was looking at the HP 2408h and the G2420HD, have any advice, other similar monitors?
  4. If you are looking into TN panel based monitors then i'd recommend you to pick up the one which looks best to you and has all the connectivity options for your needs.. The HP 2408h is a beautifully crafted display.. The Samsung P2470HD/P2450HD could be another option(s)..
  5. LOOK NO FURTHER THAN http://www.lg.com/uk/it-products/monitors/LG-led-monitor-W2486L.jsp

    Contrast Ratio2000000:1
    Screen size (inches)24
    FULLHD: 1920 x 1080
    Response Time (ms)2

    plus is the worls thinnest monitor and the most beautiful
  6. Is really good for for gaming but if u want more should go for


    Acer GD245HQ 23.6" 120Hz 3D Widescreen LCD Monitor
  7. I am also interested in this topic and noticed it is far from solved as of yet.

    so, just to be clear...below the $400 mark you just can't get a LCD screen that is not TN panel? Ppl keep telling me that TN panel is crap, but how many of us are reallllly trying to spend more than $400 on a monitor.

    I bought my last 24" for $300 in 2006. Why are they not cheaper or better haha.
  8. What are your thoughts on the Alienware OptX monitor, even though it isn't 24"?
  9. looks like you can get them in 23", not bad.

    In short, its a TFT-LCD panel (TN) with a sweet monitor stand and 3d capability. Thats a pretty damn good price for all that. $250? ya. But ya still gotta buy those gey 3d glasses :((
  10. so yesterday I measured by old "24 inch" LCD which did really well for me during the past few years until it started to bail last week. Turns out the actual diagonal screen size was 22.5 inches...wtf lol. My new Dell 23" measured exactly 23" and works well.

    don't forget ur tape measure gentlemen if ur buyin a not so great brand. lolz.
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