Problem with my monitor

It all started about 3 hours after I cleaned the dust out of my PC since my brother smelled something bad coming out of my pc, and he said it was coming out of the CPU. The power supply is 650 watts so I dont see that as a problem.I moved the CPU fan gto get a better clean and made sure static electricity wasn't a problem. I wasn't on carpet, I cleaned some parts with a Q-tip and vacuum. Has always worked. The monitor seems to turn off randomly then turn back on. I checked the power supply cable and it gets pretty dam hot. I cool it off and it works for a while then does it. Also I see these strips on my monitor that aren't too visible that go from the bottom to to the top. I've never seen them before. I don't have another power supply cable so I can't test it out. I played a game and the strips got 1324x worse, but no fps lag. I can't exactly rule out my graphics card, but the power supply cable to the monitor gets really hot and it happens. I'm not sure. ._. Help me out.
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  1. Best test the monitor on another computer or another monitor on your computer.

    It does sound as if the monitor is in trouble. Probably has nothing to do with cleaning the computer.
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