Running 1680x1050 res on a monitor with native res 1920x1080

if i want to run games on a monitor with native resolution of 1920x1080 at a resolution of 1680x1050 in order to increase frames/s,

will i suffer from the monitor expanding the games image to fill the screen and thereby blurring the detail,

or is there a way to make a black border around the 1680x1050 pixesl being used by the game?

and if the game won't create such a border is there any software that can trick games into thinking the monitor is indeed only 1680x1050 so that the game is forced to create a border around the 1680x1050 active pixels ?

alternatively, i believe some monitors have a 1:1 pixel scaling setting which i think does the same thing, if so what recommended monitors at 1920x1080 have this setting?

thanks for any useful info on this subject.
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  1. Running a monitor (atleast an LCD one) on a different resolution than the native one isn't a good idea, it will make it look uglier.
    Don't have any answer to your other questions
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