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I'm having a problem with my monitor where it seems to be keep memory of what was on the screen before and displaying it on top of what I'm trying to run. Now this doesn't happen for anything like a normal desktop screen, web browser or video but for games.

When I started up the ffxiv beta for the first time just now, I noticed that the Crysis respawn message was across the screen and very visible on a black background. I tried running something else with full screen game footage to see if it would appear there so I ran a benchmark from 3DMark Vantage. It didn't show up on there but when I tried to run the beta again, I now have a ghost image of a scene from the benchmark.

Any ideas on what is causing this or how to fix it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

p.s the monitor is a dell u2410 if that helps
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  1. After testing a few more things, the problem seems to go away when I run the game in windowed mode and only shows up when I run it Full Screen.

    Hope this can help in solving the issue.
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