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Hi everyone. Today I have hooked up my Asus LCD MS202 monitor at a different house to the same PC, but for some reason the screen will go very dark periodically where I can just barely make out what is on the screen. It seems to do it (most of the time if not all) when there is a lot of black on the screen. If I either unplug the DVI or turn the monitor off and back on again it goes back to normal.
The cable is connected on both ends just fine and the power management/screen saver settings are the same as they have always been. I have only had the monitor for about 3 months and it was transported carefully in it's original box with all packing materials.

Does anyone have any idea as to what might be causing this to happen? I'm at a loss and any suggestions would be very much appreciated.


P.S. The screen didn't turn off once while typing this, where the screen is mainly white.
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  1. Check the On Screen Display (monitor's built in setup options) for a sleep setting and turn it off or onto a longer period before sleep.
  2. There is a OSD Timeout that is set to 10 (minutes?) but the screen has never "timed-out? before and I have not touched that setting at all. There was no "off" or 0 setting so I set it to its max at 120.
    But with this OSD timeout, I would assume it would only timeout after the set time of inactivity, not when I'm in the middle of doing something.

    I will see how this goes and let you know if this was indeed the culprit, thanks for the advice.
  3. Now when I'm looking at something dark in-game or a website, it is timing out every 15-20 seconds until I go to a brighter page or area.
  4. Try hooking the monitor up to a different computer -- or try a different monitor with your computer. That'll help narrow down whether it's the video card or the monitor.
  5. I'll have to try that sometime later, hopefully tomorrow as the other computer at the place I'm staying is too old and does not have a DVI port and when I connect their CRT monitor to my computer via is build-in AGP cable, the screen stays black and the the power light on the monitor flashes yellow.

    I've uninstalled and updated my gfx drivers today and that did not work and I have made sure all connections in the case are secure and clean (if that would even help, I don't know).

    I did call Asus today and the customer support tech said that it sounds like a bad monitor and issued me a RMA.
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