Westingtonhouse 20" LCD driver

I'm no noob, but maybe someone can help. I'm not at the PC right now, I'm going over tomorrow.

My mom has gotten a new PC: Dell Inpirion 545SP, running Windows XP.

I got her a Westingtonhouse 20" LCD Flat Panel monitor for Christmas in 2007.

The new computer isn't displaying correctly on the "old" monitor. The left side of everything is cut off (desktop, IE, etc.).

She can't find the (side) button to adjust screen size.

I can't find a specific drivers from Westinghouse. They don't make a 20" LCD anymore. And I don't have the model number to research further.

Anyone got any hints? Monitor driver (which should be unneeded)? Video Adapter adjustment?
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    She took the PC into her work, and the IT guy fixed everything.
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