Need Advice: >27" Gaming Monitor

Budget: $400
Time Frame: next 8 weeks
Purpose: gaming, surfing, photo editing, movies
Panel: glossy

I want a 27" or larger glossy screen monitor (no matte finishes for me) for gaming purposes: starcraft II, Team Fortress 2, Battlefield 2, etc. Resolution wise I am on the fence between 1920x1080 and 1920x1200. I am more concerned with choosing the better monitor than resolution. I will probably surf/game a lot more than watch movies on this baby as I have a HDTV. Is 27" a good idea for these purposes or should I go lower and possibly get a "faster" monitor?

I'm open to suggestions but this is what I am leaning on:|24-254-052^24-254-052-TS%2C24-176-160^24-176-160-S01%2C24-176-125^24-176-125-TS
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  1. Last month, i built a new computer system, fully loaded using the HP 2710m monitor. Absolutely no regrets as far as the monitor. Using GTX 470 vid card.

    What sold me on the monitor is the clear glossy screen and the 92% color Gamaut. I am using default color settings, but turned down the brightness to 60%. So far i have logged at least 15 hours on starcraft 2 and even more time at supreme commander 2/warcraft/borderlands.

    The colors are vibrant and crisp.

    Note: The HP2710 is the new updated version of the HP2709, so definately take the 2710 over the 2709.

    My 2 cents.
  2. I have recently used a dell ultrasharp and iMac 27" that were both 2560-by-1440. I am kind of sold on that resolution, however, I would have to shell out >$800.

    Would you say that the resolution is fine for your use or do you find it to "bulky"
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