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I have a very strange problem with my monitor. It is a cheaper model as it only has a D-SUB (analog VGA) input and a DVI-D input; but for the life of me I cannot get the monitor to detect any signal via the DVI-D input!
It happened about 2 months after I bought the screen and for absolutely no apparent reason; Just one day I switched on the PC and all that came up on display was "NO SIGNAL DETECTED"...

To get by for the last 6 months I've been using a DVI-VGA adaptor to run the signal from my Radeon 4890 graphics card... I've tried the following;
- Numerous new DVI cables (both single and dual link)
- HDMI-DVI adaptor plug
- Installing new drivers for both graphics card and monitor
- Upgraded from XP to Windows 7
- Reseated Ram and Reset CMOS

Now I know for sure it is something to do with the monitor, simply because i've tried another monitor via DVI-D and it worked no problems...

So has anyone had the same issue and found a solution, or know of a possible solution? (apart from buying a new monitor which I can't afford right now)
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  1. Hello I has exactly the same problem unfortunate I have no solution.
  2. you probably would of noticed this anyway and it is a long shot but has your monitor got a button for anologue and digital? my old dell monitor had 1,
  3. Yeah, in response to the button; if you hit enter it changes from VGA to dvi-d. So yeah it's not that. I have a sneaking suspicion that there is something funky going on with the motherboard firmware and the way it's running my graphics card, and seeing as updating the m/b firmware is probably the only thing left that I haven't done I'll give that a shot...
    I'll keep the thread posted if I ever get time to do it (sigh)
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