Ok, so first my 40inch Samsung lcd TV broke like 6 months ago after 2 years of ownership( the very popular clicking before turning on). Samsung want like at least 500 buck prob more, I fixed it myself for 10 dollars. Now my 30inch Samsung monitor is breaking after 2 years of ownership. It starts flicking over the display a green pixelated glow. Has anyone seen this or heard of it? tried finding replacement part for it but seems like the 30in 305T is discontinued. If anyone is better at searching then me the model number is LS30HUXCB/XAA.

If not just letting everyone know how Samsung is, will never buy another Samsung again :fou: :fou: :fou: :fou: :fou: :fou: :fou: . (At least the monitor was free)

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  1. I love all samsung products. I always buy their phones and have had good experiences on their monitors.
  2. You probably have already tried this but...check the cable connecting the monitor to the pc to be sure it hasn't come slightly loose. Sometimes if I move my monitor or pc this happens and then I re-connect and re-tighten the cable.
  3. I have a 22" Samsung 223BW, bought it back in 2007 been going good, until this morning. Woke up turned on the PC, went to get breakfast, came back and after about 5 minutes of doing some work the screen starts flickering/flashing and its been getting worse and more consistent. I've tried rebooting, resetting graphics and refresh rates, updating drivers, checking the plugs and it still keeps doing it. I'm now considering getting a new monitor if I can't find a solution...
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