Upgrading from 19" Monitor to a 24" Monitor - budget $250 - 2x 4890s

Hi guys,

Back in December, I was building a new system, and a lot of people tried to convince me to upgrade my monitor. I was pretty adamant back then, but since I got my second RADEON 4890 (yes, I got a brand newie about 3 weeks ago :bounce:), and hooked my 48" HDTV up to the second card (my primary card is DVI only, whereas my second one supports HDMI), I'm practically convinced that 19" is a waste.

So, I've come here for some help. I hope it's the right forum, as I couldn't find one specifically for monitors. I considered "Graphics and Displays", but this forum seemed more appropriate.

Obviously, this forum is bombarded with such questions, so I've done a fair bit of the homework.

Approximate Purchase Date: I plan to be buying this monitor in the next two to four weeks.

GPUs: 2 XFX ATI Radeon HD 4890s in CrossFireX 8x mode (LGA 1156) and I have no plans to change. Please do not suggest a new video card with a new monitor.

Budget: $250

Size: Between 22.5" and 24". Smaller are too expensive (similar in price) and larger will crush my GPUs.

Resolution: The bigger, the better, but, I must be able to run Crysis on Very High and 4x AA (i.e. DirectX 10, 8x AA preferred) or Metro 2033 (don't know which is more demanding on DirectX 10, but I think it's Crysis, I'll leave that to the gurus ;)), with a framerate of 24 FPS or better in the most demanding scenes. I'm aiming for an average framerate of about 33 FPS or better in regular situations.

Video Input: HDMI - must be HDMI. Doesn't need to come with a HDMI cable, but is preferred.

Audio Output: Not necessary, as I will turn it off (I have a 5.1 channel headset)

Ratio: 16:9 or whatever the other main standard is - I'm not fussed, but it can't be too tall (i.e. no square monitors)

LCD v.s. LED: I don't know much about this, but LCD looks far cheaper and it's been out longer.

Response Time: 2 milliseconds

Contrast Ratio Again, the bigger the better (I think the best I found was 80,000:1)

Here is a review of Crysis being played in CF with 2 4890s (the blue meters). Here is a review of Crysis Warhead in CF with 2 4890s. It seems that they can hold their own right up to 1920 x 1200, which is good :), but the second doesn't mention about the anti-aliasing. I won't take this as Garbage In Gospel Out (GIGO) though - I'd like some end user (i.e. not website) reviews too please.

Monitors I've been looking at:
- ASUS VE246H LCD Monitor (24", 1920 x 1080, 50,000:1, 2ms, HDMI, 16:9, $258)
- Benq G2420HD (24", 1920 x 1080, 40,000:1, 2-5ms?, HDMI?, 16:9, $224)
- HDMI SPK Acer X243HBMID (24", 1920 x 1080, 80,000:1, 2ms, HDMI, 16:9, $224)
- Viewsonic VX2433wm (23.6", 1920 x 1080, 1,000-20,000:1?, 2-5ms?, HDMI, 16:9, $228) Unless there's a strong forum recommendation this is a nogo.
- Samsung P2350 (23", 1920 x 1080, 50,000:1, 2ms, DVI, 16:9, $228) Again, unless there is an overwhelming vote, a nogo.

I'll put more monitors up later as I can't stay for much longer, but currently, I'm swinging toward the SPK Acer one, as it looks like it's the best of the lot (I've looked at about 10, most of which are between 23" and 24").

If you can reccomend anything better, please do so, I'm open to all recommendations.


rider_eragon :)
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  1. Not sure about the ones that you listed but I currently have a:
    Samsung B2430H
    and it's probably the best purchase I've made in a while, colours are beautiful, 70:000:1 contrast ratio, however a 5ms response time, but seriously are you ever gonna notice that 3ms difference?
    Just my two cents here as obviously I don't know anything about the others in your list but you might wanna check this one out for about the same price.
  2. Is it HDMI? I assume that the "H" at the end means yes, but it's better to be safe than sorry. I certainly won't recognize the 3ms difference, but it's more of a bragging right than anything.
  3. Yeah it's HDMI.
  4. I'm looking at getting this Asus 24 inch monitor once I save up the money to.

    It looks a little better than the Samsung.

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