Monitor for blu-ray 1080p/24hz?

I have an Optoma HD20 projector in my theater room that does 1080p/24hz for native blu-ray playback. I would like to add a secondary display for when I don't really want to power up the projector. And I would like the monitor to be capable of 1080p/24hz. The 1080p part is no problem but I am not sure what computer monitors will display a 24hz signal?

In case you are wondering, I need both displays to support 24hz because that's the way this dual-output HDMI switch works... it goes with the lowest common denominator. So if I hook up a monitor that only does 720p or 60hz then my projector is also forced down to those settings.

So, I'm looking for the cheapest, crappiest LCD-TV or computer monitor that does both 1080p and 24hz. Must be in the 20" to 32" range, no bigger. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. 24hz or 240 hz?
  2. Well blu-ray is 1080p/24hz but most LCD's that are capable of accepting a 24hz signal will convert it into some exact multiple such as 48Hz, 96Hz, 120Hz or 240Hz. So either of those should work fine.

    From what I understand, a blu-ray player will send a signal to your display and ask for it's EDID. If the display reports back that is can accept a 24Hz signal then all is good. The blu-ray player will pass the native 1080p/24Hz signal to the display. Otherwise the blu-ray player will convert 1080p/24Hz into 1080p/60Hz which I do not want.
  3. Does nobody here have a blu-ray drive in their computer? When you play a blu-ray movie, does your monitor output a 60hz signal or some exact multiple of 24hz?
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