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Dear forum,

I would really appreciate if you guys would recommend me a nice monitor. It's for gaming. Budget is 300~400 euro's (400 if it's worth it). The graphics card will be a HD5870.

I'm currently looking at:

HP ZR24w
Samsung XL2370
Samsung BX2470
Samsung P2450H

Thanks in advance!
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  1. This site is pretty good for monitor reviews and comparisons.
  2. Hmm, can't find all monitors on that site :(
  3. Dell SP2309W
    Samsung P2450h
    Samsung XL2370
    Samsung 2443BW

    Currently looking at those.
  4. I cant speak about the other Monitors but as an owner of the XL2370 i highly recommend it. Sharpness, brightness, and color quality are great and black level performance is much better then traditional LCDs (which was the main thing interested me about LED). As compared to our budget Acer LCD we have for the family computer is unfair, the XL2370 blows it away. Only complaint are the off angle viewing can result in diminished image quality, especially if your viewing from a high or low angle.
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